Services for Training - Coaching - Showing 

Heatherton Show Jumpers offers coaching & training for competitive riders, as well as  finished horses up to the Grand Prix  - FEI level. 

Heather offers coaching to motivated riders who want to improve  their performance in the hunter/jumper rings. She  is available for coaching and training, at designated shows across North America.

Heather has extensive experience in the buying and selling of top quality performance horses. We are able to help you buy or sell your horse Worldwide, working with Top Reliable Professionals in Europe to find your perfect match.  

   Full Service: 
      -  Full Service Care
      -  Tacking service as needed
      -  Basic clipping (body clipping is extra)
      -  Bathing & rinsing as needed
      -  Hand walked or lunged as needed 
      -  Blanket and Standing leg wrap management
      -  Includes Advanced Grooming As Needed 

    All Inclusive Training and Stabling: 
      -  Daily Stall Care
      -  Daily turn-out (if weather permits)
      -  Full Service Care as needed
      -  Fed 2 times/day
      -  Schooling/Training five day progressive plan each week
      -  2 Professional Rides per week 
      -  Complete horse management (Feeding program, Vet, Blacksmith, Transportation etc.)
      -  This included Horse Show schooling's at  1 or 2 shows a month
      -  We provide our clients  a flat basic rate, per month, as a horse show client, to budget accordingly 
      -  This Plan is excellent for the Student and Horse which Train and Show regularly/aggressively

    Advanced groom service as needed Is included in above package: 
      -  Preparing and putting away the horse before/after  training rides and lesson/schooling 
      -  Daily brushing and hoof care
      -  Basic clipping (whiskers, bridle path, coronet band)
      -  Bathing

    Basic Training, Full Service Board:  At Horse Shows Only at this time.
      -  Daily Stall Care
      -  Daily turn-out (if weather permits)
      -  Hand walked or lunged as needed
      -  Fed 2 times/day
      -  Blanket and Standing leg wrap management
      -  Partial Training  2 days a week
      -  Basic horse management (we establish and suggest a plan for you to follow with your horse )
      -  Basic Grooming As Needed
      -  Preparing and putting away the horse before/after training rides
      -  Daily brushing and hoof care
      -  This Plan is excellent for the Horse, to accelerate progress and maintain performance levels, this is in addition to regular lessons               and schooling's required for rider with horse or pony

​      *  Extra Bedding, Hay, Grain, Supplements and supplies will be billed accordingly

    For the Rider:
      -  Private Sessions 
      -  A soft and efficient approach aimed towards improving the performance of the horse and rider
      -  Schooling Sessions
      -  Clinic Sessions Maximum 8 peoples per group
     -  Auto drafting, cash, quick pay with Chase, Venmo, check or credit card payments are accepted (processing fees apply)
     -  30 day written cancellation is required to cancel monthly package plans, boarding and training 
     -  24 hour cancellation notice required  or session time will be billed 

    Traveling Fees:
      -  All traveling fees are priced out per mile and per horse basis, this will be determined  ahead of travel 
      -  Payment must be received in advance along with current Coggins and Health Certificate if crossing state lines          
      -  State Laws are applicable
      -  Air Travel costs, quarantine costs will very and will be determined per flight/destination
      -  Haul in Fee subject to Facility charge

    Off site Lessons, Training rides, Evaluations, Appraisals, Clinics:
      -  Must have access to a safe and properly facilitated training area
      -  Travel fee and accommodations will apply when applicable

    Horse Show Schooling Available:
      -  Schooling rider 
      -  Schooling of horse

    Horse Show Daily Groom Service Available:
      -  Full service groom service
      -  Ring side groom assistance 

     Horse Show Daily Trainer Service:   
      -  For Each Rider/Horse
      -  Preparing the horse and rider for their classes, schooling according to their needs
      -  Ring side assistance
      -  Horse show coordination, organization and class registration

      Additional Individual Charges May Apply:
      -  Trainer's hotel - will be shared/split between clients
      -  Groom's hotel - when applicable will be shared between clients on a per horse/rider basis
      -  We always try to get the best deal in order to keep the cost of competitions lower
      -  Grooming stalls, tack room, feed stall will be shared between clients on a per horse basis
      -  When possible, we will use the aisles to get the horses ready in an effort to reduce show costs
      -  All horse show grounds supplies purchased will be at the expense of client per horse
      -  Grooms - will be shared/split between clients

      -  Tony Aprile Primary Transportation Service Provider  
         (safety & comfort for the horse & cost) to ship your horse to the destination
      -  Payment and Coggins/Health Certificate must be provided in advance of hauling

     Professional Riding at the Show:
      -  Regular Classes,  included for clients in full-time training 
      -  Individual fee applicable  if not in full-time training
      -  Classes offering 0ver $1999. in Prize Money
         (percentage of earnings plus price per class charge for all customers)
      -  It is recommended that each rider, ride and train with Heather for 3 months prior to competition.                           
      -  All Horse Show Entries will be filled out with Trainer and will be the Sole Responsibility of Horse
         Owner/Client payable at time of Horse Show.  You will provide a "Blank Check" attached to Entries 
         made payable to Horse Show Office and closed out account  at the end of the Horse Show.
      - Heatherton paying your bill will have an 8% sir charge 

    Marketing and Sales:  
      - Horse Marketing Fee and  Expenses
        The Horse owner (Seller) will be responsible for 14% commission due at contract signing
        The Buyer will be responsible for 15% commission due at contract signing

     Horse Selling:
       - Appraisal of the horse
       - Establishing a selling strategy
       - Promoting your horse on our network in the industry
       - Showing your horse to potential buyers
       - Negotiating with potential buyers on your behalf
       - Supervising the vetting of your horse
       - Contract review
       - Manage all e mails and correspondence  between the parties
       - Closing the sale

     Horse Buying
       - Establishing your needs
       - Establishing a realistic budget according to your needs
       - Contacting our large network in Europe & North America to see what is currently available within your budget
       - Pre-evaluating the horses via videos and descriptions provided by the sellers
       - Looking for proof of performance (show and/or approval results, papers, impression of the horse in the
         community etc.)
       - Traveling to go see the horse (Europe  or  North America)
       - Arranging Flights, Car rentals, Hotels, and showing schedules
       - Looking at the horse perform live to have a face to face over view
       - Personally ride the horse to have a feel for its ability
       - Supervise when you ride the horse and give you our impressions
       - Negotiating with the buyer on you behalf
       - Supervise during the vetting of the selected horse
       - Contract review and witness to agreed contact signing
       - Closing the purchase
       - Arranging transportation to your stable

     Individual Charges for Other Services Which May Apply As Needed will be Invoiced


     Horse Show Professional Groom Service by experienced Horse Show Groom (s).  Price To Be Determined
       - Grooming Services - Charge split  per horse, per customer, per show basis
      Basic Grooming:
       - Complete brushing of the horse - Hoof care
       - Leg wrapping
       - Blanketing

       -  Full body, including mane and tail, with soap and warm water

      Tidy-up Grooming:
       - Clipping of whiskers, bridle path, and coronet band
       - Mane pulling 
       - Tail trimming
       - We provide equipment

      Full Body Clipping:
       - Clipping the horse from head to hoof (saddle patch is optional)
       - We provide equipment

      Sheath Cleaning:
       - Deep cleaning of the horse's sheath

      Medical Applications - administration fee plus medication

      Rental of Clothing, Equipment Available
      All Hunters are required to have their manes and tails professionally braided each day of showing

Our Goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your horse.  Prices are subject to  change and we strive for splits to make shows more affordable for the team.  A Full Plan of Action will be provided to you and you will be expected to follow Heatherton Show Jumpers rules and regulations as you are riding with and under the name of Heather  Hill a well respected name in the equestrian world.

Many of the services are included in our training programs.  Contact us directly for pricing.
Extra charges may apply and subject to change.

Payment Plans Available
Cash - Check - Quick Pay - Venmo, Credit Cards Accepted
We accept Barter Partners, Sponsors and Advertising Partners
All prices are subject to tax  and Credit Card service fee and change